Sunday, 16 September 2018

Educating Forward - A Handbook On LifeSkills For Teachers and Parents

EDUCATING FORWARD - A Handbook on Life-Skills for Teachers & Parents:
Just one session a month with the contents of this book by a
Teacher or parent with school children can dramatically change their thinking and learning. Also a handbook for any professional seeking excellence.

The best scholastic performers are those who develop essential skills from an early age. Learning patterns of children are formed by the age of 10-12. Once such patterns are formed, altering them is not easy. Contrary to popular practice it is skills that lead to better academic performance and not the other way around. Educating Forward (EF) brings forth all the skills that are essential for school from age 3 to 16 and for life. From comprehension, thinking, analysis, reasoning to creative skills. 

EF makes many skills easy to teach and learn. For example, it’s important to understand why children with a good “working memory” and “fluid intelligence” perform better at schools. EF helps the continuity from “Academic-Performers” to “Life-Performers.

The Author: Educating Forward was created online in 2014 by RS Narayan. He has worked in important positions in top corporations in the private sector in the areas of Finance & Marketing. But his passion for education made him shift to the school education domain. In the course of his work in this domain Narayan has met over 3000 schools in the country and interacted with their principals. He has also trained teachers under the WIPRO programme and has interacted with thousands of teachers, children and parents to understand needs of Indian education system. Narayan is also known for his prolific writing on social media and his speaking skills. This is his second book. He has lectured at many higher educational institution for students and faculty like IIT, IISC (Bengaluru) and many informal groups. He comes from a family of educators who have shaped school education for over three decades.

Price: INR 750