Thursday, 2 May 2013

Social Media As Watchdog

Social Media As Watchdog is a compilation by Ravinar of MediaCrooks.Com. The book explains the arrival of Social Media as a watchdog over MSM and how there is no monopoly on national discourse anymore. The book contains a compilation of 50 of the best posts from the MC blog covered under 9 chapters which offer a background to the posts. The book shows how willful deceptions by the MSM are being rectified by Social Media. The collection also shares a limited list of a dozen books and movies that Ravinar uses for stories on his blog. Also included in the book is Ravinar’s list of a dozen other great blogs and websites which best analyse and offer commentary on the MSM and current affairs. He also shares five unique writing and branding tactics employed by him on his blog for the benefit of readers and budding writers. Prof. R. Vaidyanathan of IIM Bangalore has written the foreword for the book. He is a finance & economy expert and a keen observer of media himself.

Specifications: Paperback/Size: 8x5 in/320 pages/Packed in outer carton.
Price: Rs.325.00
Book is currently available and delivered only within India.